1.  The information we ask, keep and why
    We ask and keep just basic information to properly carry on the booking of a
    service offered on our website, in compliance with our Terms & Conditions.
    We also register payment information that allows us to track records for our
    accountability and check the safety in our payment process.
    We never ask or keep sensitive data (ethnic origin, sexual orientation, genetic
    or health status) nor we ask information that is not relevant to the booking.
    1. Personal data for the booking
      • Name
        It allow us to identify you for the booking at the meeting point. You can use a
        pseudonymous or nickname if you want.
      • Email
        Where you will receive the automatic notifications and we will contact you if we
        need to.
      • Phone number
        To contact you if we need to. We will try to call you, send Whatsapp messages,
        SMS or any other mean associated with the phone number informed.
      • Hotel
        Only if required by the provider.
    2. Booking data
      • Booking basic information: the service, number of people going, the date of the
        service, pick-up point, extras, discounts, the amount paid and similar others.
    3. Navigation data

      • IP: for control and safety reasons.
      • We keep a tracking record if the navigation to our website arrived from a partner
    4.  Payment data
      • Payment method country.
      • The processor of the payment: If you pay using Cajamar Bank or other payment
      • Cajamar may inform the brand of the card used (VISA, MasterCard, American
        Express) and type (debit or credit).
      • Plan A NEVER has access to any card digits.
  2. What we do with your data
    1. We send automatic email communications
      • If you didn’t finish your booking, we will probably send an automatic email
        offering help.
      • If you finished your booking:
        • The confirmation of your booking.
        • We can send a reminder before the date of your service
        • And we also might send a feedback request after the service.
      • Besides, for a few services, we will also ask additional information required by
        the provider and/or local authorities: usually names and passport information of
        the travelers. This information is not stored in our database, although it will be
        kept for a while in our emails.
        We may suggest other services related to the confirmation email and also at the
        reminder email.
        • The suggested services are determined using booking data (number of people,
          pick up point) and payment data (country of the payment method).
        • We never use personal data nor use personal information gathered by other
          means different than your preference during your booking with Plan A.
      • We will not send offers, promotions or advertising unless you explicitly ask
        for it.
  3. Who we share your data with
    1.  The provider of the service booked
      Personal data, the country of the payment method and booking data are sent,
      obviously, to the provider, a third party which operates the service.
      • The communication of this data depends on the provider: email, intranet
        automatic loading or web integration (usually XML/API).
      • We send the data to the provider of the service only after the confirmation of the
    2. Agencia Tributaria (Gubernamental Taxes Agency) in Spain
      When the total amount is lower than 300€, Plan A issues a simplified invoice
      that does not include personal data.
      If you require a formal invoice, the following data will be shared with this Agency
      through our taxes consultant:
      • Name and phone number.
      • Address and postal code.
      • Taxes identification number.
      • Company name.
      • Amount paid.
      • Service description.
  4. Where do we keep your personal data
    • The personal data collected by Plan A, by means of the forms extended in
      its pages, will be introduced in an automated file under the responsibility of
      the Person in charge of the treatment, and duly declared and inscribed in the
      General Registry of the Agency of Protection of Data that can be consulted
      in the web site of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data
      (, with the purpose of being able to facilitate, to make
      agile and to fulfill the commitments established between Plan A and the
      User or the maintenance of the relation that is established in the forms that
      this fills up, or to take care of a request or consultation of the same one.
    • All information is also registered in our confirmation emails (sent to you and to
      the provider of the service). These emails are managed in a Gmail account.
  5. Cookies

A cookie is a file in your device that keeps track of what you navigate on any website.

  1. Cookies use by Plan A
    Our website uses those cookies to make your navigation easier: your cookie
    saves certain events and information during a session to avoid making you
    choose or write again what you already did (language, service, and others).
  2. Third parties cookies
    We want to offer simple and friendly navigation. That’s why we use third party
    tools and they use those cookies as well. Each of these companies is
    responsible for their own use of these cookies:
    • Google Analytics
      To analyze anonymously the navigation of our website (most visited pages,
      geographic analysis, navigation device data and other related).
    • Google Adwords
      To promote Malaga Trips online in authorized websites.

6. Authorities

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Spanish Agency)
will be notified when a data violation occurs and the corresponding evaluation
determines so.
Your data might also be shared with local authorities (police) if they are
demanded to us.

7. How long do we keep your data

  • Matching taxes criteria with Agencia Tributaria Española (Spanish taxes
    agency), personal data will be stored 6 years from the date of the service.

8. Responsible for Data Treatment

  • The responsible for the treat, edit, delete and manage data is Elena Sanchis
    You can contact him at, telephone number + 34
  • According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you will receive
    an answer within one month.
  • You can require access, edit and delete your data, among others. Check all
    your rights at GDPR.
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