Outside Axarquía


In 1901 people felt the need of creating a path to bring things from the Choro waterfalls to the Gaitanejo waterfalls. After four years of working, the path was opened. The path is 3 kilometers long, one meter wide and is situated 100m above the river ‘El Chorro’ against the cliffs. In 1921 Alfons XIII from Spain opened the path, and from this day on the path was known as ‘El Caminito del Rey’, the Kings Path.

In the 20th centery the path was really dangerous. There were no balustrades and some places were only made with one iron beam. That’s why they closed the path in 1992.  In 2014 the renovations started and in march 2015 the path was reopened. Helicopters and alpinist helped to make the path much safer. You have a beautiful view when you make this hiking tour. The path now is really easy and save. On the pictures it looks scary, but the path is really with and safety goes first now. A helmet is obligatory and you can use it for free. Do you want to get a ticket, book it online!



El Torcal de Antequera is a special place which will surprise you with his strange and various forms, where the limestone is eroded by the wind and the water during thousands of years.

The rocks originally formed the bottom of the sea here and changed slowly throuhg the years. You can see really special fauna and flora here on this beautiful place, which is unique in Europe. El Torcal also was the habitat of the prehistoric human. Rests of this inhabitant were found in different places, the most important place is El Cueva del Toro.

Tip: take a jacket or a sweater, it can be a lot colder here.