How Plan A, became Plan A

How Plan A, became Plan A

Elena and I had a dream … and then a plan. But this plan of ours still needed a name. And I loooooooooooove choosing names! Also with my three kids I enjoyed making lists and discovering new names and styles, and I loved dreaming of … What is it going to be like? How will it sound when I will call them for dinner? Marie, dinner is ready!! Jules and Louisa, clean up your rooms! Marie and Louisa stop squabbling! Jules, your socks in the washing machine, pleeeaaaase, not on the floor! Ok, that sounded perfect. So that was it. Marie, Jules and Louisa became the three loves of my life.


No, wrong, I have four!



But choosing a name for a company was another story. The name needed to be short, clear, with content, fun, attractive, original, … and we wanted something that everyone could understand in five languages. Ok, looking back on this description it looked like an impossible mission. But we started making lists and kept on adding names. And of course we were also dreaming and thinking. What is it going to be like? Hello, with An from … how can I help you? Good morning, Elena from … can we help you? So every name that passed by or was on our list had to fit in these sentences. Some names sounded sooo funny that they were removed, some of them too serious, too long, too complicated … But the most difficult demand was to find a name that sounded the same in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. And there it was suddenly on a morning working together. PLAN!!!

That’s the same in all five languages.​



YAY!!! We had it! Hola, con An de Plan. Elena von Plan, kann ich Ihnen helfen? Plan … it felt like something was missing. Maybe it was too short. What goes together with plan? Yes, plan B of course. But plan B sounded a little too negative, like if you had failed before. No, we weren’t a plan B, we were a Plan A. Because with Plan A you don’t need a plan B. And this one morning everything came together, and the sentence ‘ Hello, with An from Plan A, how can I help you?’ Never sounded so good!



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