Holiday Houses


Do you know the feeling when you are looking for a holiday house and you don´t know what to choose anymore?

Maybe the pictures are not realistic,what if the surrounding is not really what I was looking for, maybe there is a lot of noice, should I rent a car or can I just walk into the village, will they help me with activities, can I already use the pool in april …  We recognize these questions so well! Wouldn’t it be great to have a contact in the area? Someone who lives there, with knowledge and experience in tourism and who can help you with all your questions and doubts.

Guess what? We are here to help you and this without any cost!

Do you love to feel, smell and experience  the real Spain? We have been looking for really authentic places for you. But just ask us what you are looking for, because we have a place to enjoy for everyone from really simple and budget friendly houses until all the luxery you can imagine. A romantic house for a couple, a house for one big happy family or different houses together for a group of friends.

Near to the beach, into the village between local people, only surrounded by olive trees, with a view on the lake, close to the local shops or bars…

Just click and ask us!