Who are those two?

Who are those two?

Who are those two?

Elena and An, two women, one in her forties and the other one almost forty, in the flow of their lifes searching for new adventures.
I will try to tell you the short version of who we are and how we met.

Three years ago my family and I, living in Belgium, decided to experience a new adventure. Tasting of new cultures, people, languages, smells, flavours… everything could be different for once. Everything except for the family, because this one we took in our Spanish adventure. What was the plan of a sabbatical year became, after a lot of thinking and doubting, a plan of going all the way! You can’t imagine the things we have experienced when we made this decision. By trial and error we have learned everything from scratch, we have become so much richer, and until this day we are still really happy with the decision that we took together.

And that’s how Elena came into my life. I will never forget the first day of school of our three kids in Spain! Every mom remembers this moment, but leaving your three kids in a Spanish school without them knowing one word of Spanish … my heart broke into a 1000 pieces. But my kids are real heroes! They came out of school with a big smile afterwards and luckily that mother heart was fixed immediately. And in this part of the story came Elena, a spanish mother with two kids at the same school, and because she could speak English she tried to help us in any way she could.

Elena also chose to go for an adventure 17 years ago, leaving her family and a nice job at Meliá Hotels to follow her true love. From the lively and vivacious Madrid she moved to the calm and rural Viñuela. She has always worked in the tourism industry, which is her passion. Tourism offices, hotels, tour operators….In La Axarquía she has been a hotel manager for more than 10 years, and worked as tourism technician for a public institution, developing several projects all around. So she has a lot of knowledge of the area and some good trips to share.


And at this first school day our friendship started. A friendship of laughter, chatting, late nights, gin tonics, family trips and especially making a lot of plans! In all this plan making we also discovered that we had a similar dream. 

And from this shared dream we made a plan, PLAN A! Don’t call it a dream, call plan A!

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  • Hola Elena Estuve en la audiencia en el Congreso en el Instituto María Zambrano hoy. Gracias por su presentación. Tengo algunas preguntas pero no tenía suficiente español para preguntarles hoy, así que ahora nos dio d traducción de Google, ¡espero que tenga sentido! Vivo en Canillas de Aceituno ¿la pequeña oficina de información turística del ayuntamiento conocerá el Plan A? y le dices a las oficinas de turismo en Inglaterra sobre el Plan A … a la gente en el Reino Unido le gustaría saber al respecto? Gracias para hoy.

    • Hola David,
      Muchas gracias por tu mensaje.
      We have sent a couple of emails to all the townhalls and tourism offices from the Axarquía. I am not sure if directly to the small tourism office in Canillas de Aceituno, but for sure to the townhall and to the major.
      We hope we can do a big presentation in Mancomunidad in the following months.

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